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Since 1977 Burmester Audiosysteme has been manufacturing high-end audio products using in-house design and manufactured components of unsurpassed quality creating a perfect blend of highest-quality sound, technological innovation and timeless design.

Highly trained technicians assemble all Burmester components by hand in its Berlin factory and their research and development department constantly strives to keep up with the latest advances in it's 111 and 151 digital music servers/streamers along with the classic range of belt drive reference CD players and powerful but musical amplifiers including the world famous 911 power amplfier.

Also to reflect the current market Burmester released the more economical 101 & 102 integrated amplifier/CD player combination - offering great value for money and a unique opportunity to become part of the high-end HiFi community with Burmester.

The 101 Integrated Amplifier is the latest integrated amplifier in the Burmester range using efficient class D power sections and an analogue power supply. With its power reserves the 101 easily achieves in a compact design the warm and well-balanced sound which is known to be a trademark of the Burmester tone. The switchable "Smooth“ function produces a rounded and detailed sound image even with low volume levels.
The 101 integrated amplifier is a perfect partner for the 102 CD player:
The direct-drive Classic Line 102 CD player has a high-end DA converter using features of the more expensive 061 CD player. The converter can also be accessed by external devices such as TV set-top boxes or Blu-ray™ players via the integrated digital ports. All incoming digital signals are converted by a sample rate converter to the sampling frequency (96 kHz or 192 kHz) selected by the user.

Prices are: £4,950 and £3,950. Email now for the latest ex dem prices!
more info at: http://www.burmester.de/en/home

Call for free home trial on: 08448 22 11 15/ 01580 200772  - or email:  info@15audio.co.uk

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